6 way adjustability
Stainless Steel Hardware
Machined Pivot Bore to ensure proper fitment
Machined CNC Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum
Custom Cadmium Plated Springs & Brass Pivot Bushings
Anodized To a Beautiful Finish
6 Month limited warranty against Mfg Defects
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Fitment Guide for F14 Model
SPEED TRIPLE 2004-2007 (F-14/T-333)
SPEED FOUR 2005-2006 (F-14/T-333)
DAYTONA 600/650 2004-2005 (F-14/T-333)
DAYTONA 955i 2004-2006 (F-14/T-333)
THRUXTON 2004-2014 (F-14/T-333)
BONNEVILLE /SE/T100/Black 2006-2014 (F-14/T-333)
ROCKET III 2004-2007 (F-14/T-333)
ROCKET III CLASSIC 2007-2010 (F-14/T-333)
ROCKET III ROADSTER 2010-2013 (F-14/T-333)
TIGER 1050/Sport 2007-2014 (F-14/T-333)
TIGER 800/XC 2011-2014 (F-14/T-333)
SCRAMBLER 2006-2014 (F-14/T-333)
675 STREET TRIPLE 2008-2014 (F-14/T-333)
675 STREET TRIPLE R 2009-2014 (F-35/T-333)
DAYTONA 675 2006-2014 (F-35/T-333)
DAYTONA 675 R 2011-2012

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6 Way F14 Style Adjustable CNC Lever set

SKU: LVR-001-14