: Sold In Pairs (Set of x2)

: Choice of Anodized Finish

:Made to Fit 7'8 Inch Open Ended Bar Setups

:Some Bars are Mfg Tad Smaller Or Larger so we include 

x3 Sets Of Expanding Rubber Inserts to ensure you get a tight Fit


Each Set comes with

x2 CNC Aluminum Bar Ends in Choice of Color

x2 Stainless Button Head Screws

x3 Sets Of Different Size Expanding Internal Rubbers

x4 Black Anodized  Internal Rubber Expanders


Tip- With Screw on bar end, screw on one black spacer then a rubber with another spacer on other end.    Insert into bars open end, Turn Screw from outside until Spacers inside expand rubber until sealed tight. If Still loose, change to larger size internal Rubber until you get a good seal. 


Usually Ships same day and also available for Same Day Local Pickup

Handle Bar Bar End Cap Set for 7'8 Inch Bars