: Replacement light for lucas tail lights
: 2 Wire Setup Design, But We include the 3rd grounding wire to ground tail Light to itself. (only Company including this)

: Also Includes Female Brass Connector Kit with Rubber Protective Boots and wire insulation for a clean install when marrying to bikes wiring
: 12V Bulb option 1s Dual Filament 1157 Bulb  (Red Bulb Included with Smoked and Clear Lens option, Clear Bulb Comes with Red lens option)

:LED Option is a multi Red Led  Bulb with Dedicated White Leds to shine down For Licence Plate Illumination
: Clear Bottom Cutout To Illuminate Plate at Night with both Light Options
Approx. Lens Dimensions: 4 1/2 in Wide At widest point and 2 1/4 in Center Top to bottom
Mounting bolts are apprx. 3.40 Inches eye to eye

Ships Within 24 hours, Also Available for Same Day Pickup

Lucas LG Tail Light In 12V Or LED Options